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Seeds from USAHeirloom Tomato seeds in the post all the way from Janesville USA.

Today I am dedicating my post to fellow blogger Stacey Weichert of downtoearthdigs

Heirloom tomato 1

Seed tray waiting for the Pink Accordian seeds to be planted.

heirloom tomato 2

The seedlings ready for planting out.

Heirloom tomato 3

The seedlings planted the day before the Full moon with worm compost dug into the soil and  crushed egg shell to keep the snails at bay. You can see that I have over-planted, this is due to lack of space, as all my vegetable beds are raised to prevent the Porcupine from eat my harvest. This Full Moon we will also see a Lunar Eclipse. Here is hoping they grow well and bear much fruit. My taste buds are already watering.

porcupineOur roving porcupine whom we call Schnoof.


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