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delonix regia

When visiting Durban in the Summer, one cannot help noticing these flaming beacons of RED on the Flamboyant trees which line the street. A friend of mine who lives in Miami Florida has just announced that the Poinciana are in flower. This got me searching and found that the two are the same  Delonix regia  also known as a Flame tree.

They make the most magnificent display. Found the world over

  • South Florida: May–June
  • Egypt: May-June
  • Vietnam: May–July
  • Caribbean: May–September
  • Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh): April–June
  • Australia: December–February
  • Northern Mariana Islands: March–June
  • United Arab Emirates: May-July
  • Brazil: November–February
  • Southern Sudan: March–May
  • Thailand: April–May
  • Zimbabwe: October–December