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Gary peterson Cape town :
“here are the desert roses you planted in the weep-holes in my wall a few years ago. I never water them or do anything and they look great. A wonderful solution to fill those ugly gaps.”
Alison Weston Cape town:–

“Have known Brigid since the days of her nursery off Keurboom Road and she has landscaped several gardens for me. She is delightful and gives good advice with amazing results”

Charles Pinnell USA

Brigid is knowledgeable, talented and totally in touch with our planet.Hands on, no nonsense and gets it done!!


I am most impressed Brigid, Young Lady! After you dropped that porcupine link on me I went onto http://aristonorganic.com/ and was pretty wowed! I have bookmarked it and will keep tabs on it!!
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So happy with my tomatoes! Opslag from Soil for Life compost. Two varieties – Roma and round beefsteak. Only given love, water and worm tea/compost…. This is obviously the best position for them. Also growing radish, spinach, lettuce, a variety of herbs, aubergines, spring onions, chilli, rocket,
peppers and garlic. Thanks to Ariston Elemental Organic Garden for all the lessons!
Carol Scrooby Claremont
Carol's tomato

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