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Seeds from USA

Seeds which arrived in the mail late last week from Stacey Weichert downtoearthdigs. How wonderful to receive Heirloom Tomato seeds in the post all the way from Janesville USA, and packaged so beautifully as well.  Thank you Stacey, I will blog about their progress and report back to you. I so look forward to tasting the fruit.

With the arrival of these seeds it got me researching the Definition of Heirloom seeds

Definition of Heirloom seeds :
The definition and use of the word heirloom to describe plants is fiercely debated.

One school of thought places an age or WILL date point on the cultivars. For instance, one school says the cultivar must be over 100 years old, others 50 years, and others prefer the date of 1945 which marks the end of World War II and roughly the beginning of widespread hybrid use by growers and seed companies.

Heirloom Plant