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escheveria gary's

Photo credit : Gary Peterson

A few years ago I planted these Echeveria Desert Roses into these unsightly weep holes in the garden wall for a client. I cut florist’s oasis to plug the hole. I then inserted cuttings into the oasis.

This photograph was recently sent to me by the client. The following comments were made :

Client :

“here are the desert roses you planted in the weep-holes in my wall a few years ago. I never water them or do anything and they look great. A wonderful solution to fill those ugly gaps.”

Friend of client :

“it is an excellent and charming solution. Even though they may not over-winter in our Long Island climate, there are other, similar plants that can be used the same way. Sempervivum comes to mind.”

Client :

” Biddy first of all wedged some big blocks of oasis into the holes and then stuck the plants into that. We weren’t sure if they’d “take” because I couldn’t imagine that they’d get sufficient nutrients from the oasis, but they’ve obviously been very happy.”

Me :

“The nutrients come pouring through your weep holes. The oasis is just a medium to hold them in place and keep them out the damp… the oasis is probably more than gone now.”

Friend of client :

“This is a wonderful solution/idea. Thanks “