Well worth having for that splash of Mid Summer colour



I always know that Autumn is approaching when I see my Streptocarpus start to flower.

They are sometimes called Cape Primrose referring to their nativity to South Africa and semblance to a Primula.


The following is an adapted excerpt from the 1906 text “Hortus Veitchii”:[15]

Streptocarpus rexii

The first Streptocarpus to reach British gardens was Streptocarpus Rexii. This species was sent to Kew in 1824 by Mr Bowie, who was His Majesty’s collector in South Africa. The plant was found on the estate of Mr George Rex, after whom it was named. Following Streptocarpus rexii came Streptocarous polyantha from Natal. It was accidentally introduced to Kew in 1853 in material surrounding trunks of tree ferns sent from Natal by Captain Garden. Streptocarpus gardeni, also introduced in 1853 from the same country was named for Captain Garden, who sent seeds to Kew. In 1860, Mr Wilson Saunders sent a…

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