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j garden butternut 2

Taking a stroll around the “J” garden is a delight. The butter-nut which propagated from the worm compost is now sporting many flowers and 3 baby butter-nuts.

J garden tomatoes

The “J” Garden’s worm propagated Tomatoes are starting to fruit. I have identified 3 different varieties.


In Craig’s Homoeopathic garden the Yarrow , is in full flower with lots of new  growth showing.

Achillea millefolium

bonnies brocolli 2

Bonnie’s broccoli  is just amazing, the heads are so huge.


The Calendula is bright and cheerful after all those rainy days. Full of seed waiting to be harvested.

lemon spazz

The Lemon tree had a deformed lemon. I cam only assumed that some bug attacked it while it was forming. I am still going to eat it.


The Oregano planted in the “Worm Garden” has sprouted into life. As well as the  Lemon grass, Rosemary, Winter Savoury and the tomatoes.

worm garden tomatoes 2

The tomatoes in the Worm Garden have been pruned and tied up the stakes.


Simum, my horticultural assistant, applying pipes to the planted  watering coke bottle in the Winter garden where the tyre potatoes are being grown.

winter garden potaoes 2

The potatoes in the  Winter  Garden ready for the next tyre.

june's Hibiscus

June’s hibiscus giving some bright Winter cheer.