Wonderful productive gardens 🙂

Old School Garden

This week’s ‘snippet on style’ looks at Productive Gardens- those where the emphasis is on growing food.

The layout of productive gardens tends to be orderly, with geometric beds separated by paths for ease of maintenance and access. Beds are often a maximum of 1.5 metres wide along two parallel sides to prevent the need for walking on the soil. Materials can vary but are often utilitarian rather than ornamental (unless the garden is intended as an ornamental kitchen garden or French ‘potager’). Concrete slabs, brick paths or even compacted earth are common  surfaces. Planting varies seasonally and may rotate to reduce the risks of pests and diseases and to avoid sapping the soil by growing the same crops each year. Other features of productive gardens include:

  • raised beds

  • wide paths

  • rustic obelisks

  • planting in rows or blocks

  • simple if any decoration and with a practical angle- e.g. ornamental bird…

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