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What is it?
The JackPot is a cooking device that combines the functionality of a very good open braai (barbeque) with that of the well known Kettle braai.
The registered design has a number of unique, innovative features that make using the device a pleasure.

The JackPot has a number of advantages over the Kettle braai:
– It is conveniently placed at waist height.
– The opening is toward you so that it operates like a normal oven.
– The lid opens like a normal oven and forms a convenient shelf – or it can be lowered if a shelf is not required.
– It has two cooking levels – the lower one being especially useful for roasting vegetables while the meat is cooking on the upper level. This allows the meat juices to drip onto the vegetables, adding to the delicious smoky flavour.Image

JackPot – Africa’s Oven