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At last my Lemon tree is bearing fruit. One would think it is easy to grow Lemons, but it is not. I hear on the local gardening show, the questions about growing  Lemons arise every week and they always play the song Just another Lemon tree by Fool’s Garden.


I have found that Lemons need deep watering every second day, and should be grown in full sun. Giving them a dose of Epsom Salts and worm compost once a month also speeds the up the Lemon’s growth and flowering.

The little black Argentinian Ants are also running up and down my lemon, farming the aphids, causing the leaves to get sticky and full of aphids. I have solved this by making a Vaseline collar around the trunk.

I look forward to these lemons ripening, they look so juicy.

15 hidden health secrets of lemon are :

1. Acne

2. Anxiety

3. Canker sores

4. Ease fever

5. Easing colds and flu

6. Corns and calluses


8. Fatigue



11. Smite a bug bite

12. Insomnia

13. Rheumatism

14. Indigestion

25.Say goodbye to varicose and spider veins.

Read more here :  http://www.beliefnet.com/Health/Physical-Health/Hidden-Health-Secrets-of-Lemons.aspx