Why Elemental Organic


To garden naturally you have to be elementally organic. Tending an elemental organic garden is an enjoyable and practical way of caring for the environment naturally. During the last century, many traditional gardening methods were displaced by the “chemical approach”. All creatures great and small and all plants other than crops were regarded as parasitic, if not pestilential. We were led to believe that pesticides and weed killers were essential elements in gardening. This has resulted in a vast industry, based on petrochemicals, that has been detrimental to the environment and has had the effect of polluting our water, destroying wildlife and wildflowers, and contaminating the air we breathe. It has also resulted in food being produced lacking in essential nutrients and contaminated with residues. These practices have undoubtedly wreaked havoc on the ecosystems of our gardens. You may have wondered why there are fewer birds, butterflies, insects, bees and other wildlife. As destructive as human are, they still surprisingly desire to have some wildlife in their gardens, but usually only those creatures they favor – such as some birds and butterflies. Many gardeners have not realized that nature does not operate this way. Every single plant or creature relies on some other for support. Elimination in one section of the environment, even a small area such as your garden, will have a detrimental effect on others. A war against nature is inevitably a war against us. Plants are grown embracing the Elements of Nature – Earth, Water, Air and Fire. “The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire. This theory was suggested around 450 BC, and it was later supported and added to by Aristotle. (Aristotle also suggested that there was a fifth element, aether, because it seemed strange that the stars would be made out of earthly elements. He would be surprised to learn that they are in fact made up of many elements found on earth, and are so hot they could be said to be on fire all the time!)  ” Principles of Elemental Organic Gardening  ******************************************************************

Garden Services

  • Garden Consultation
  • Alien Species Certified Consultant
  • Garden design, layout, irrigation and Landscaping
  • Install a vegetable garden
  • Specialized Pruning and cutbacks
  • Garden workshops
  • Garden Club talks.
  • Compost, Potting soil, Bark Nuggets, Rose and Shrub mix, Stone chip, Lawn Dressing (Free delivery)


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  1. Ajaytao2010 said:

    I Nominate you for Bouquet of Super Awards – 27 Nominations

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  2. writingthebody said:

    Stinkwood? Can’t they do better than that? Love this post actually. It is like a spare “about” post.


  3. writingthebody said:

    And an award as well…irrespective of my last! I have altered the rules naturally….http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/


  4. I came from Japan. Thank you for following my blog.


  5. Hello Brigid, Found your blog via a reblog by The Belmont Rooster, and was appalled by the GM maize issue, but also really like your brief summary above of chemical use, and its environmental impact. I sense that in the UK, the tide is slowly turning, but it’s the small gardeners versus big industry and money,….at least the gardeners have numbers, and now the internet, on their side to raise these issues. Thanks for an interesting blog…(We once had a holiday in the Cape, when F’s sister lived in CT. and were bowled over by its beauty),


    • Hello Julian, thank you for stopping by. The GM maize issue is utterly appalling. I think South Africa must be the world’s largest GMO experiment, as everyone is eating maize as a staple food. I visited Cornwall last month and found that the tide has really changed there, so alive too. Come and visit the Cape again, it is Paradise to me 🙂 *Brigid


  6. Such a lovely post, Brigid! xx


  7. Brooks Sautner said:

    Wonder if you could ID a certain flower for me if I send a pic?
    Thank you!


  8. An inspiring blog – well done!


  9. Good day. I’m looking for a supplier in Wheatgrasss – Please contact me on 082 825 2930 – Atlantic Health Juices & Smoothies – models@trace.co.za – Johann v Heerden


  10. Ajaytao2010 said:

    Please visit my new blog, hope you like it 🙂
    thank you so much dear 🙂


  11. Congrats on your products!!! I love your film !!! 🙂 *Cynthia


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