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Antigonon leptopus, commonly known as Mexican creeper, coral vine, or San Miguelito vine.It is a perennial that is native to Mexico. It is a vine with pink flowers

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Coral Vine is a prolific seed producer, the seeds float on water, the fruit and seeds are eaten and spread by a wide range of animals and birds The tubers will re-sprout if it is cut back or damaged by frost.

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Antigonon leptopus is a fast-growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils, and is able to reach 25 ft or more in length. It has cordate (heart shaped), sometimes triangular leaves 2½ to 7½ cm long the flowers are borne in panicles, clusted along the rachis producing pink flowers from spring to autumn.

Coral Creeper (Antigonon leptoptus) is classified as a Category 1B invader plant.

(Invasive species which must be controlled and wherever possible, removed and destroyed. Any form of trade and planting is strictly prohibited )