Royale Fare!

Jackpot Africa's Oven

Succulent, juicy Lamb shanks marinated in celebrated spices. The Yoghurt and Mint sauce elevates this dish to Royale fare. Serve with cumin roast potatoes, yoghurt and mint sauce and golden onions.


  • 10 ml green chillies (pounded)
  • 5 ml each garlic and ginger (pounded)
  • salt to taste
  • 7 ml red masala
  • 10 ml mustard
  • 10 ml Black pepper
  • cloves and cinnamon to place into the meat
  • 1,5 kg lamb shanks
  • 500 ml  yoghurt
  • 125 ml finely chopped mint
  • 10-12 small onions, peeled.


  • Combine all spices. Make slits in the shanks, push in cloves and cinnamon. Rub spices well into the shanks. Mix yoghurt and mint and marinate over night.
  • Place onions, marinated lamb and sauce in potjie pot. Place the cubed potatoes around the side. Cook in Jackpot on low heat for 2,5 hours, adding a little water as necessary.

Cubed Cumin  potatoes


  • 500 ml potatoes peeled and…

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