As is name implies this plant has a strong smell. It is widely used as a perfume, but also as a insect repellent.

Photo: B E van WykHelichrysum odoratissimum is a strong aromatic, much branched perennial herb with small silvery leaves and small yellow flower heads borne in groups at the tips of the branches. Woody at the base, erect or diffuse up to 50 cm high. Leaves vary from linear-oblong, lanceolate, lingulate to spathulate, markedly decurrent, apex generally obtuse, sometimes acute, mucronate, base narrow or broad, glandular and setose-scabrid above, greyish white wooly on both surfaces, sometimes without wool. Capitula in crowded, compound inflorescence at the end of a naked peduncle. Involucral bracts obtuse, outermost wooly, inner brown and the innermost bright yellow. Bracts on the receptacle pointed, tooth-like, slightly longer the ovary. Fruit dull brown, granular.

Flowers throughout the year, but mainly from August to December in SW. Cape, January to…

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