Honey Bee’s (Apis scientific name) can flap their wings as fast as 230 times per second, and fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. Scientist have found out that, Honey- bee’s do not regulate the frequency of their wing beats, when they are carry loads of Pollen. You would think bee’s would flap faster when they were carrying more weight, Instead they just increase the arc of their wing beats, and flip their wings over upside down. The Honey-bee makes a 90 degree arc in the upstroke of its wing, the flips its wing upside down at the end of the wing’s downstroke, which allows the wing to flap back through the wake from the previous stroke, and create more lift. This allows the bee to use the air stirred up in the previous stoke for lift. This gives the bee two times more lift than it…

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