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Winter savory

Satureja montana

Winter Savory is an easy to grow perennial  herb with pretty little white flowers. It makes and ideal path edging, container plants, focal point for hanging baskets. The tiny white flowers set the bees humming and butterflies into a frenzy.  Pungent oils that contain thymol and linalool are released when crushing this herb.

It is a good companion plant for beans keeping bean weevils away, and roses reducing mildew and aphids, and tomatoes as it keep white-fly and aphids at bay.

Medicinal uses :Winter Savory is native to Southern Europe and North Africa. It has been used since ancient times to aid and stimulate digestion and ease colic and flatulence. Ancient texts show that Monks used it with honey to make a strong syrup for digestive problems as well as coughs, colds and chest ailments.

Modern research has also found that the essential oil extracted from Winter Savory is beneficial for Candida. A tea of winter savory drunk twice daily greatly relives the condition. (not for pregnant or breast-feeding woman).

For treating winter respiratory ailments, coughs, colds and flu add lemon and honey to the tea, drink 3 cups per day.

Cultivation : Winter Savory roots easily, plant cuttings 5-cm apart in full sun in well composted, well dug soil.

Culinary : I always dry Winter Savory and add it to my blend of mixed herbs. It goes well with beans and in a pasta sauce.