rendering beeswax 1

Beeswax is another major hive product, though neither its uses nor its value are as widely known as those of honey.

From the raw honey comb above, the residue of wax that is left over looks very dirty and full of debris.

rendering beewsax 2rendering beeswax 7

Place the wax in a double boiler, add  double the amount of water, and heat slowly until all the wax has melted. Turn off the heat and allow the wax to set. The wax will always set above the water.

rendering beeswax 3rendering beeswax 4

When the wax is set, use a sharp knife to prize the wax out of the pot. Discard the water down an outside drain. The water will be very full of the impurities, but some will still remain in the  set wax. Scrape off as much as you can.

rendering beeswax 5

Place the wax again in the double boiler and melt on a low heat. Using an…

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