These Spiders are making nests in your garden at the moment



This spider is not for the faint hearted. It is the Huntsman or Cape Rain Spider. “They are among the biggest non-tarantula spiders in the world,”

They can have a leg-span of up to 7 cm and a head to abdomen measurement of about 3 cm. They are spread from Cape Town in the south to Kosi Bay in the north and appear to like bushed areas with grass and gardens. They like to live among leaves and take two to three years to grow to adults, with the female fatter than the male, who is brighter with longer legs.The size of these spiders, combined with the yellow and black banding on the underside of the legs exposed when the spider is in threat pose, give them a fearsome appearance.

In humans the bite is no more dangerous than a bee sting. It causes a burning sensation, and swelling which lasts for a…

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