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I picked these wonderful broad beans from Bonnie’s garden.

IMG00925-20130820-1755 (2)


I shucked the beans and look what I was left with. I poured boiling water over the beans and left them to stand.

IMG00928-20130820-1812 (2) IMG00929-20130820-1821 (2)

I chopped up some Baby Marrow at an angle and lightly fried them in Olive Oil.

I chopped some Garlic and Pecan nuts and mixed them with the marrows. I removed the water from the broad beans and mixed them with the marrow. I also added a dash of mixed herbs.

I gently fried the mixture, then turned it out into a salad bowl.

A vinaigrette of Olive oil and lemon juice was then mixed into the salad.

IMG00930-20130820-1830 (2)

The result – totally delicious.

Variations : add sliced mushrooms

add chopped onion


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