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You might say Christmas cake now? Christmas is still four months away.Yes I say now so it has time to mature into the cake it should be.

I share with you today a very old recipe which has been passed down through 4 generations.

Ingredients :

 1 kg mixed fruit
125 ml + Brandy
110 g butter
110 g Brown Sugar
5 eggs
550 ml (265 g) cake flour
5 ml Bi-Carbonate of Soda
pinch of salt
5 ml mixed spice
60 g whole Almonds

 Method :


Soak fruit in Brandy for 2 days or more.


Cream butter, brown Sugar and Castor sugar – well.


Add eggs one at a time mixing in well.


Sift flour,bicarbonate of Soda, salt and mixed spice.


Add dry to butter/sugar mix a little at a time, alternating with fruit mix.


Turn into cake tin lined with wax paper. Newspaper on the outside of the tin.
Cook 3,5 hours on 259 F or 130 C. Start testing after 3 hours.


Tips :
If butter and egg curdle – add some flour.
Peel of wax paper, add Brandy and wrap in a Tea towel and then in newspaper. 
Feed with Brandy often