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The forest Lily  (Veltheimia bracteata)  is a beautiful semi- deciduous bulb. A friend of mine refers to them as shade Red Hot pokers.


Veltheimia bracteata is winter-growing, the leaves dying back in summer, and the new leaves appearing in late-summer to autumn, after a short period of dormancy. In frost-free regions that have rainfall throughout the year, Veltheimia bracteata is almost evergreen. The flowers are bird pollinated, and will thus attract birds to the garden. The pear-shaped, ±6 mm long black seeds are produced in large, membranous, inflated capsules which are ready for harvesting when the capsules are dry and papery, usually during mid-summer.  The forest lily flowers during late winter to spring (July to October) and each flower-head lasts about a month

Veltheimia bracteata can be found growing wild in the forests and coastal scrub of the Eastern Cape.

This plant makes an excellent pot plant for a shady patio, conservatory or a window sill and is suitable for indoor cultivation in bright light but not in direct sun