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giant earthworms

Driving through the Karoo during a huge thunderstorm can be an amazing experience. From encountering the  Cape Karoo Tortoise  which is known as the “Great Padloper” or experiencing these Giant Earthworms.

Giant two-meter earthworms rear up out of their burrows and find a road to cross. Startled motorists spot them more often than scientists.

South Africa has the largest earthworm ever found, according to the international Worm Digest digital archives.

The tortoise is a terrestrial (land-dwelling) reptile and the world is home to a total of about 43 species, with adults ranging in size from about 10 centimeters to one metre. South Africa has 13 species of tortoise and eight are found in the Western Cape alone.


This makes the Western Cape an international tortoise hotspot, because on less than one percent of the earth’s surface, we find almost a quarter of all known species, and there is even an endemic (a species found nowhere else on earth) named the geometric tortoise.

Save Our Tortoises