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acb-logoAfrican Centre for Biosafety.

Johannesburg – South Africa



Dear Fellow activists,

Please sign our petition calling for an urgent Parliamentary hearing
on genetically modified (GM) crops in South Africa, to include a full
transparent review of the risk assessment and risk management
procedures and public participation in GMO decision making.

In May 2012 the South African biosafety regulators (the Executive
Council) approved Dow’s 2,4-D tolerant GM maize, dubbed ‘Agent
Orange’ maize, into South Africa.

In the ensuing public outcry the ACB submitted a petition to
Parliament, signed by over 7,000 individuals including 18 health
professionals, calling for a reversal of the decision, and a complete
review of the GMO decision making process in South Africa.

Though the petition was forwarded to the Parliamentary Portfolio
Committee on Agriculture, we are still in the dark as to its status.
Meanwhile, Dow continue to apply for import approval for its 2,4-D
tolerant GM crops, most recently in in July 2013, for a GM maize
variety engineered to tolerate toxic combinations of 2,4-D,
glufosinate and glyphosate.

Visit our Activist Corner and sign up, tweet, share and spread the
word <http://www.acbio.org.za/activist/>