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ariston lemon The Lemon Tree is finally bearing better fruit.beetroot

The Winter Garden’s Beetrootbonnie broad bean

Bonnie’s broad beans are in full flower

cara spring bulbs

Cara and Esther’s Spring bulbs.

cara's chili slim

Cara’s long slim Chili caras compost

Car’s Compost Heap starting to mature.

craig's peas

Craig’s Peas look strong


Crocosmia which has escaped.


The fennel is growing rampantly.

j garden rocket

The rocket is flowering in the J garden.

j garden tomato

The tomatoes in the J garden are forming even though they are suffering from seasonal rust.

june hibiscus 1

June’s Hibiscus is full of buds.


Lavender which has been harvested.


The Pelargoniums are in full flower.
pink marguerite

The Pink Marguerite is making a stunning display.

potato tyres 2The Winter garden Tyre potatoes are needing the next tyre.

ariston 1

The Spring Oxalis is starting to show and in full bud.

Ariston 2

Bonnie’s peas are also growing fast.

Ariston 3

Bonnie’s Bright light spinach looking so healthy.



Ariston 5

The worm garden after weeding. Yes all the plants are taking and starting to grow strongly.