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Meet our participants Tristan and Robyn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe morning was perfect for gardening, nice and cool and some good hard gardening to warm us up.

This month we have planted a garden using a new compost product from a company called

ZTL Organics (Zero to Landfill).

Zero to Landfill was started in 2008 with a focus on recycling organic waste, in particular food waste, from hotels, restaurants and businesses in Cape Town

Zero to Landfill Organics food and garden waste compost is unique in that it contains high levels of nutrients which are broken down and stabilised during the composting process. Egg shells, seafood shells and bones supply high levels of Calcium, meat and fruit waste provides high levels of Nitrogen and Potassium, Coffee grounds are rich in Nitrogen and leaves and garden waste provide the carbon. Using food waste as an ingredient in our compost also saves water. The high moisture content of food waste makes it possible to compost dry material without using thousands of litres of precious water. Soil is mixed in to our compost to help to stabilise the nutrients and to make a rich potting mix that can be used in new beds and as a lawn dressing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

No need to add bone meal here! The chicken bone is evident there is enough Calcium in the mix.


Tristan getting stuck in with Robyn at his side.


We await to see how the garden will develop!

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