Butterflies in your garden

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ButterflyButterflies are some of the most beautiful, magnificent creatures on Earth!  Who wouldn’t want butterflies in their garden?  A garden full of butterflies will bring great joy and delight to the young and the old. And it wouldn’t require that much more work. Here are some tips on attracting butterflies to your garden.

  1. First of all, find out what kind of butterflies are native to your area and learn about the types of flowers and plants they love to feed on.
  2. Grow native plants. They are often easier to grow and tend to attract butterflies to the area.
  3. Flowers in bright colours such as red, yellow, purple and orange will attract butterflies. Use lots of colours and avoid the monochromatic look. Group flowers together to make it easier for the butterflies to locate the plants.
  4. Plant flowers in a sunny area and lay some flat rocks for the butterflies…

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