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I’ve written a couple of articles about green manures and today I thought I’d set out a handy guide to some of the commonest types and their pros and cons.

When choosing a green manure it’s important to check:

  • Your soil – some green manures prefer heavy soil, and others lighter soil, some alkaline, some need more acidic conditions.
  • Hardiness of the green manure – not all green manures are winter hardy.
  • Growing period– choose a green manure that will fit in with what you want to grow next. it must be able to germinate and mature to fit in with your growing plans.
  • Crop rotation– choose a green manure that is compatible with your crop rotation. For example Mustard is a Brassica so should be moved around in rotation with that sort of crop. Most of the others listed below are Legumes (peas/beans), but Buckwheat, Phacelia…

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