The White Rabbit at the front door

devoor 2

The Poppies making a statement.

devoor 3

The Irises not to be out done.

devoor 7

The charming view to the Koppie beyond.devoor 12

Can you see the Skaapsteker among the Pansies ?

The name “skaapsteker” (which, translated literally, means “sheep stabber”) stems from the belief that it is responsible for the killing of sheep, but this notion can be discounted because the snake is not aggressive and, even supposing its fangs could penetrate the skin of a sheep, it is unlikely that it could inject sufficient poison to cause death. Such deaths are much more likely to be caused by puff adders and cobras.

devoor 6

There is a storm brewing for the much needed parched arid landscape.

devoor 5 t'samma melon

The Tsamma melon are a water storage for the wild animals in time of drought.  They are watermelon’s wild cousin.

devoor 11

The picture perfect start to the new day, I…

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