Lobostemon fruticosus is an amazing indigenous plant belonging to the Borage and Comfrey family. It is a common little shrub in the Cape Floristic Region, with tough hairy leaves and flowers that range from pink through purples to blues, often on the same bush and in the same flower at the same time.
Chew some fresh leaf and you will see why it is also called ‘Pleisterbos‘ – a gummy mass will quickly form!
Other names include Agtdaegeneesbossie and Douwurmbos. Said to heal any skin condition in 8 days, this plant has properties that are typical of the family – it is soothing and cooling and moisturizing to the skin and is a wonderful wound healer.

Lobostemon cream or gel is perfect for dry eczemas and psoriasis, helping to cool and moisturise the skin. It is a soothing application for sunburn, so common at this time of the…

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