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In keeping with the organic gardening concept, it is always preferable to seek natural solutions to garden problems such as pests and common diseases.. Should you have any ideas to share on this topic please send them to us for passing on to others.

Please also note that dishwashing liquid is called for in most of these ‘recipes’. It serves as a ‘wetter’ enabling the liquid solution to adhere to the plant for maximum effect. The environmentally friendly non-toxic dishwashing liquid is ideal for this purpose. snail

Insect Spray Concentrate

This is an all-purpose natural insecticide.

  • · 3 unpeeled garlic cloves 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid
  • · 3 teaspoons of liquid paraffin 2 cups of hot water

In a small bowl, crush garlic heads and add paraffin. Leave to stand for 24 hours then add the dishwashing liquid to the mixture.

Sieve the mixture, discard the solid bits and store the liquid…

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