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biltong1There are seemingly endless theories as to how biltong is best prepared . When making biltong choose good cuts of meat. The usual preparation time is 3 days, and the biltong should be hung until dry.

You will need the following ingredients to yield 4,5 kg of biltong.

10 kg meat (game, beef or ostrich)

2,5 cups brown vinegar

75 g Brown sugar

8 ml saltpetre

8 ml bicarbonate of soda

10 ml pepper

3 tablespoons whole coriander seeds

275 g salt.

Cut the meat into suitably sized strips and rub thoroughly with vinegar, ensuring that all the meat is coated. Next mix sugar, saltpetre, bicarbonate of soda and pepper, set aside.

Roast the coriander in a pan over a medium heat, remove and mince, or pound with a pestle and mortar until fine. Combine with the sugar mixture.

Place the thicker biltong strips at the bottom of an enamel container, cover with a layer of salt and then a layer of the spice mixture. Repeat the layers until the thins strips are on top and add a final dressing of salt. Leave for 12 hours.

biltong 2

Remove the thinner strips and dip them quickly in hot water.biltong 3

Dry the strips very well, then hang on S-shaped wire hooks. Take care to hang the pieces of biltong well apart so that air can circulate between them.

biltong 4

Here I have place it in the drying box. The drying time depends of factors such as temperature, air circulation and personal preference.

biltong 5

For serving, cut the biltong into slices and serve as a snack! Enjoy!