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bonnies brocolli

Walking around Ariston yesterday it was wet, wet, wet. So apologies for the poor quality photographs. The plants were loving the moisture and showing of to their best.  Bonnie’s Brocolli is starting.

bonnie wet garden

Bonnie’s Garden has really sprung up. Looking so good and healthy


The Cotton-Easter is full of berries warming up the day.


The Hypoestes making a wonderful lilac ribbon flower display.

j garden butternut

Wow the surprise Butter-nut in the J garden is really grown and is sporting it’s first fruit.

Mustard has also escaped and taking over.

j garden cucumber

Another surprise in the J garden is what I presume to be a cucumber, time will tell.


The nettle in Craig’s garden is looking strong and ready for him to harvest.

winter garden

In the Winter garden the potatoes are ready for their next layer of soil.

worm garden tomatoes

The tomatoes in the  Worm garden are growing rampantly and needing their first prune and a bit of training on their trellis. The Sweet potatoes are starting to show.
bonnie cabbage

Bonnie’s Cabbages are starting to swell.

Wow, such bounty we have living in the garden.