Are Garden hoses toxic ?

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By Liesl Clark

One of the cheapest, happiest forms of warm weather play for children is a garden hose with a sprinkler hooked up to it. For our children, it means hours of joyous play.

The challenge for us is the knowledge that most hoses are made of toxic chemicals and hence are full of pthalates and Bisphenol A. Both are known endocrine disruptors and if children drink from a hose their BPA levels will rise significantly.

Lead has also been detected in most garden hoses. It’s unknown what the effects are to the soil and plants, but what’s clear is that the next time we buy a hose we should refer to the latest study and get one of the recommended BPA-free hoses.

Last year’s study of BPA and pthalates in your garden hoses, garden glove, and tools also indicates some safe hoses you can buy.

We do…

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