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Fockea angustifolia and edulis, Kambro (San) has a large fleshy tuber below the  ground. Fockea species are restricted to Southern Africa, angustifolia is found mainly in the Kalahari region, while edulis is more in the Southern and Eastern Cape.

The abundant water found in the tuber was of fundamental survival to the  San in the Kalahari, enabling them to survive a period of a few months between the end of the Tsamma melon fruiting season, and the start of the new rains.

The tubers are dug out with a digging stick. It is often necessary to dig up to a depth of 1 meter or more to ensure the tuber is recovered intact.

In South Africa, Kambro species are occasionally eaten, but better know as a source for jam. Kambro may also be eaten as a side dish, either baked whole or sliced and baked in butter, sugar, honey and cinnamon.

Plants are scarce these days and have become a curiosity. Often used  Bonsai specimens