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I always know when we are going to have a wet Winter. The tiny black ants go on a route march throughout the house, climbing higher and higher. Sugar and Honey become infested with these tiny creatures as they stock up on food for the Winter.

I am often asked for an Ant solution.


Get Rid of Ants Solution

This is a great recipe for getting rid of the ants that come every spring and summer.

1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons borax acid
3 cups warm water

1. Mix the sugar and borax thoroughly.
2. Add the warm water slowly to the dry mix while stirring until it is fully blended.
3. Store in a jar until ready to use.
4. When ready to use, stretch cotton or cotton balls so that they fit into a jar lid. Fill the lid, saturating the cotton to the top.
5. Place it in the location where it is needed – however be certain that you keep this solution away from children and animals!

This solution will keep for a long time. A good technique is to drip a drop or two over the edge of the lid to rest on the counter so the ants will find the solution sooner. It may take a while for them to find it, but find it they will. When they do, do not disturb them as they drink. They will take it back to the nest, killing the colony. They will be gone almost overnight.

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