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Another Amazing South African Endemic
“Salvia africana-lutea – luscious lipped African Brown Sage”

The Fynbos Physician

Salvia africana-lutea hedge

Salvia africana-lutea

Lamiaceae Family

Common Names

Bruinsalie, Geelblomsalie, Sandsalie (Afr.); Brown Sage; Beach, Dune or Golden Salvia (Eng.)

Name Meanings

Salvia is from the Latin salvere which means to heal or to save. Africana means from Africa and lutea is yellow. This gives Yellow African Sage

Classification & Taxonomic Relationships

A Southern African member of the widespread Salvia genus and Mint family, it is closely related to Salvia africana-caerulea or Blue Sage. Ignoring modern botanical taxonomics, these two plants could be thought of as one plant with a male and female expression:  Blue sage being the masculine plant and Brown Sage being the more luscious-looking feminine plant. This may have bearings on their medicinal uses. This type of classification is known for the Monardas (also Lamiaceae) of North America by certain indigenous peoples there.


Salvia-a-l luscious lips

A large bushy shrub of an aromatic sage, it occurs naturally on the Western, South…

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