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Ou Kaapse Weg

Despite its name conjuring up images of an old cape road, Ou Kaapse Weg was only built in the 1970’s. It takes one over the Silvermine Mountain Range, through wilderness areas and into the Constantia Valley below.

Forming part of the Table Mountain National Park, it boasts some of the most unspoilt examples of Cape fynbos.

Take a stroll on the top of the mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views of the southern suburbs and False Bay.

The sight which greets the occupants of a car as one reaches the summit of the mountain is amazing. Stretching out below sights as diverse as the Constantia Wine valley, suburbia, and the white beaches of False Bay greet the traveller.

Heading out from Sun Valley or beyond depending on one’s source, one winds oneself up the back of the Silvermine mountain. Better still, on a warm summer’s day, cycle the route stopping to enjoy the fynbos and other flora along the way.

Erica baccans and leucospernum

Erica Baccans and Leucospermum     


Leucospermum (Pincushion protea) starting to flower.

Podalyria and Leucospenums, yellow and purple complementary colours

Podalyria calyptrata    and Leucospermums. Yellow and Purple complimentary colors.

Sugarbush (Leucospernum)

Leucospermums are also known as Sugar bushes. The Sugar birds love their sweet nectar.