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deformed carrots

These are some deformed carrots which I harvested from the garden yesterday. Looking at them I began to wonder why we never see carrots like this on our vegetable sellers shelves…. I suppose for some it is the fact that they do not look appealing. The shops will not stock them. So what is wrong with eating them? They are still perfectly nutritious.

I made this delicious carrot salad with them.

carrot salad

I grated the carrots, added a handful of chopped Brazil nuts, dried cranberries, a dash of olive oil, chopped dates and a lemon sliced squeezed on.  Delicious.

We throw away half our food. Up to half of all food is still wasted due to overly strict sell-by dates and the refusal of supermarkets to sell produce which doesn’t look cosmetically perfect, a new report claims. Up to half of all food wasted due to sell-by dates or ‘wrong’ appearance. Supermarkets often reject entire crops of ‘perfectly edible’ fruit and vegetables because of their appearance.

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent

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