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Artemisia 003

Artemisia Afra (asteraceae) Umhlonyane (Zulu) Wildeals (Afrikaans) is multi-stemmed perennial growing up to 2 meters, with characteristic aromatic grey green leaves. It is one of the oldest and best known of all the indigenous medicines in Southern Africa. It has has such diverse and multiple uses that it should be considered a significant tonic in it’s own right.

The fresh and dry leaves and young stems are usually used as infusions, decoctions and tinctures. The roots are also sometimes used.

The following conditions are treated with Artemisia. Fever, sore throat, colds, flu, coughs, asthma and pneumonia. It is taken orally or inhaled as a steam bath. Gastritis, indigestion, poor appetite, flatulence, colic, intestinal worms, constipation and gout, and sometimes diabetes.

The genitals are steamed with Artemesia to relieve menstrual cramps, and to relieve pain after birth..

The cavity of a painful tooth and gum infections are packed with the fresh leaf to relieve pain..

The plant is easily propagated by means of heel cuttings. It thrives grown is a sunny spot with well drained soil.

Ref : People’s Plants Ben Erik Van Dyk

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